The story of our founder, Mat

1. Roblox

2. My YouTube Channel

3. Me & Development

  • A Password Saver app. It was actually really bad, but as soon as I uploaded it to the Google Play Store, it got 5k downloads and really good reviews.
  • To-Do List app. Super basic, nothing special, it’s just like other similar apps. It got super fast 7k downloads on the Google Play Store.
  • Messager App. Using Telegram servers. (because I was to poor to buy my own) This got 4k downloads but when people realised that I was using Telegram’s servers, the app started to go downhill.
  • Coins Clicker. It was a 2D clicking game that had the same concept of what we call today, Coin Simulator! This app got easy 12k downloads on the Google Play Store and this was one of my biggest success.

4. Roblox Development

5. Great Games //




💙 Small games studio on Roblox!

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Great Games!

Great Games!

💙 Small games studio on Roblox!

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