Major Rework of Coin Simulator.

1. Back then

Coin Simulator first started in 2020. I made it using a random kit I found on YouTube. It was a small game full of random stuff and things that proffesional developers would never do.

I wasn’t super advanced at scripting, building or at Studio itself so parts of the game were super repetitive. However, the most repetitive part of it are still today the Coins from coins shop. If you look at the old ones you will only see just some copied and pasted model with some different particles and nothing else. Now, I realized how repetitive the game looks and I want to change this in the future.

2. Future

I want to make Coin Simulator one of the best game possible and one of the most awesome experience, but to do that, I have to fix some mistakes.

First, I will start working on new unique Coins with different shapes, sizes, colors, styles and so much more. This will be making the game look more interesting and less boring. Also thinking about the Coins giving Gems and more Xp. This may take time, but don’t worry.




💙 Small games studio on Roblox!

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Great Games!

Great Games!

💙 Small games studio on Roblox!

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